It is the mission of C3 Hawks Youth Lacrosse Association to teach and develop lacrosse skills and strategies, along with the important principles of good sportsmanship and character, to area kids in grades 3 through 8.

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C3 Boys 12U Evals Information
C3 is currently planning to hold U12 evaluations the Sunday...
Boys & Girls Parent Meeting PP
  Here is the Boys and Girls Parent meeting power point can...
Practice times and location's
With our great Minnesota Weather our start days will be moved back...
Heat Index
Teams with practices should take extra and longer water...
C3 Boys 12U Evals Information

C3 is currently planning to hold U12 evaluations the Sunday April 29th 6:00-8:00 PM at the dome turf and Monday April 30th at Chanhassen Storm Stadium.

The weather has affected our initial evaluation plan and our access to the ECC dome. The high school teams have priority over any club teams. As you can imagine this weather has placed a huge demand on dome time. We wanted to get basic evaluation information out to players and parents. We will communicate when times and dates have been finalized. These evaluations will be used to determine the A team and the even B teams. C3 will be fielding one A team at the U12 level and 2 B teams. C3 takes into account the feedback we receive from our end of season survey and we are committed to improve our programming for all players. The feedback received last season has prompted us to make some changes to the evaluation process for 2018.  Please review the details below:


  • Players should arrive early to warm up and check in.  
  • C3 will be using high school coaches, college players, community lacrosse professionals, and board members that do not have players at U12 to evaluate players.
  •  Travel team helmets are not allowed at this year's evaluations. If you need assistance finding a helmet to use please let us know and we will help you secure one of the association helmets.
  • We will have pinneys for players and ask that they check in to receive the pinney. The players will use the same pinney for all evaluation nights.
  •  Players will be asked to declare a position preference at check in.
  •  Parents will not be allowed to watch evaluations.


If you or your player has questions regarding team placement C3 will provide detailed evaluation feedback promptly. We appreciate your patience while we deal with the Minnesota weather and competing with high school teams to access indoor and turf space. We will keep you informed as dates and times are solidified.

C3 Board

Boy U12 Players and Parents,


Below you will find the criteria guidelines the evaluators will be using when assessing the players. Please take a minute to review these points with your player. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. 

Thank you.

C3 Board


Evaluation Criteria:  

Stick Skills (all players) – can player catch/pass ball with both hands?  In addition, can they make passes/catches/cradle under pressure or while moving full speed?
Shooting (attack & midfield) – Proper shooting fundamentals/mechanics, shot velocity, shot accuracy and “scoring ability” – note, scoring is different than shooting.  Is a player able to find the back of the net when given opportunities?


Dodging (attack & midfield) – can player win his matchup, get to the goal for a shot and/or draw a slide?  Looking for explosive moves and ability to shoot/score on the run or draw a slide.
Athleticism (all players) - is the player uniquely fast/quick/strong/big? Do they hustle and win ground balls? Can they body up on defense and control their man? Do they drive into their defender when dodging?
Offensive IQ (attack & midfield) – Is the player making good decisions with and without the ball (when to shoot vs when to pass)?  Is he making others better by creating offense with dodging?, Does he make smart decisions without the ball (i.e. clear space for his teammate, cut to get open)?  If player draws a slide are they finding the open man?


Defensive Positioning (defense & midfield) – relating to 1v1 defense: is the player lining up correctly?  Communicating? Feet - does he move his feet w/out crossing and maintain position? Looking for players who can play good position defense and keep their man away from high percentage shooting areas.


Defensive IQ (defense & midfield) – Standing in the correct place when not covering the ball.  Knowing when to slide vs when not to? Communication and Anticipation to stop offensive events on the field.  If they do get beat 1v1, do they know where to recover to?


Attitude (all players) - does the player listen/make eye contact/take instruction/have fun? Do they hustle and work hard during the tryout?  Are they good teammates/high character? THIS IS A BIG DEAL. “A” Players have an “A” attitude.  They are fully committed to the team, have a competitive mentality.  They want to improve and work to do what it takes to win.  Many of the evaluators will weight this category heavily.  “A” players are highly skilled but also bring a championship attitude to the field.  We are looking for high character individuals for our “A” teams.


Ball Stopping – self-explanatory… can they make saves? Are they not afraid of the ball and step to the ball?  Is their technique strong to force shooters to hit low percentage areas of the net.


Clearing – do they have the stick work and athleticism to lead a clear?  Are the making good decisions with the ball during clears?

Communication – Do the understand team defense?  Do they talk and communicate with their defenders and “quarterback” their defense?

by posted 04/12/2018
Boys & Girls Parent Meeting PP


Here is the Boys and Girls Parent meeting power point can be found under doucments or click on the link below.


Parent Meeting

by posted 04/11/2018
Practice times and location's

With our great Minnesota Weather our start days will be moved back at-least 2 weeks to April 23rd April 30th

14U boys might have some optional time 

Watch the website.

C3 Parents and Players

The plan is for C3 Lacrosse boys and girls to start practices on Monday April 16th  23rd 30th weather/field conditions permitting. 

The only teams that are visible as of today is the Boys 14U.  Your practice locations and times are posted.

For the rest of the association players here is the tentative practice times and locations:  Keep checking the website daily since times and location can change daily due to field conditions.



8U Clover Ridge Elem field Watertower 6:00 - 7:15 PM

10U Clover Ridge Elem field Watertower  7:15 - 8:30 PM

12U Victoria Elem field 6:00 - 7:30 PM

14U-A Chanhassen HS upper turf 7:00 - 8:30 PM

14U-B teams Chaska HS field C & D 6:15 - 7:45 PM


Girls: Watch for email when the girls by grade will have whole group practices.

10U Clover Ridge Elem field Watertower 7:15 - 8:30 PM

12U Chaska HS field G (west side of school) 6:00 - 7:15 PM

14U Chaska HS field G (west side of school) 7:15 - 8:45 PM

Remember check website and emails for changes to schedules.

by posted 03/25/2018
Heat Index

Teams with practices should take extra and longer water breaks.

Heat Index Recommendations
Up to 89° Normal Play, but coaches should watch for signs of heat reactions and substitute accordingly. Players should be encouraged to remove helmets and drink extra water.
90° - 99° Mandatory one-minute water breaks per quarter. Each quarter should be shortened by one minute. Game clock and any penalty clocks should be stopped during water breaks. Officials should remind teams there should be no coaching during water breaks. Players should take off their helmets and pour water on their heads in addition to drinking it.
100° - 105° Mandatory two-minute water breaks per quarter. Each quarter should be shortened by two minutes. Game clock and any penalty clocks should be stopped during water breaks. Officials should remind teams there should be no coaching during water breaks. Players should remove their helmets and pour water on their heads in addition to drinking extra. Players should be encouraged to drink extra water throughout the day before the game and when they return home after the game.
105°+ The YLM will suspend all games and practices

by posted 07/20/2014
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